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Handcrafted & All Natural Signature Brats

All Brats & Grilled Torpedoz will include a bag of house chips
Polish Boy Brat                                                                    5.99
(Fries, BBQ sauce, coleslaw)

Georgia Dawg                                                                       5.99
(Pulled Pork, Slaw, BBQ sauce, Mustard)

Italian Brat                                                                            5.99
(Marinara, Grilled onions & peppers, Provolone, 

Reuben Dog                                                                         5.99 
(Kraut, Thousand Island, Swiss, Mustard)

Taco Dog                                                                             5.99
(Chili, Sour Cream, Cheddar, Tomatoes, Onions,
Mustard, Texas Pete) 
Create Your own Brat or Frank                                             5.99
Free Fixings
Grilled onions            Diced Tomatoes             L, T, O  
Grilled Peppers         Diced Onions                 Cheese
​Chili                           Relish                             Spicy mustard
​Sauerkraut                Jalapeno                         Coleslaw
Marinara​                    Pepperoncini                  BBQ Sauce
Pulled Pork                Pickles                            Mayo
Grilled Torpedoz

Armed or Disarmed
Smoked Turkey                                                                   5.99  
(Bacon Mayo, LTO, House Oil, Pepperjack)

Cured Maple Ham                                                               5.99
(Honey Mustard, LTO, House Oil,
Grilled Onions, Chipotle Mayo, Provolone)

Roast Beef                                                                           5.99
(Pepperoncini mayo, LTO, House Oil, Cheddar)

Pastrami Reuben                                                                 5.99
(Kraut, Thousand Island, Mustard, LTO, Swiss)

Tuna Melt                                                                             5.99
(LTO, House Oil, Swiss)

Create your own Torpedoz                                                5.99

Cured Maple Ham             Lettuce                      Honey Mustard
Smoked Turkey                 Tomato                     Spicy Mustard
Roast Beef                        Onion                        Chipotle Mayo
Pastrami                            Mayo                         House Oil
Tuna                                  Mustard                     Cheese

Market Fresh Sandwiches           5.99

Sourdough, 8 grain, Marble Rye

Cured Maple Ham
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
Roast Beef

Free Fixing
Lettuce                                Cheddar                     Mayo
Tomato                                Swiss                         Chipotle Mayo
Red Onion                           Provolone                  Mustard
Roasted Red Pepper          Jack Cheese              House Oil
Pickles                                 American                   

Hot Sides & Desserts                  1.99   

Parmesan Garlic French Fries                     Pulled Pork
Peach Cobbler                                             Chili

Cold Sides salads & Desserts/Grab & Go
Fingerling Potato Salad
Pasta Salad
Garden House Salad
Chicken Salad
Fruit Salad
Zapps Chips & Dirty Chips
Lemon Pound Cake
Chocolate Cake
Carrot cake

Beverages                                     1.99

Soft Drinks
     Assorted sodas
     Assorted juices
     Assorted Vitamin Waters
     Coffee & Tea


Be on the look out for Special Events 

* Bike and Brat nights

* Beer and Brat nights

* Sports and Brat nights

* College Brat Nights

* High school Brat nights

* Saturday youth Brat day

* Super bowl Brat Party

  pricing may change with any catered event. Thank You!
Polish Boy Brat
German Brat&Garlic Parm. Fries
Introducing our new Roman Burger &Greek Gyro